Monday, March 23, 2015

Pullip doll: The Alice Saga

I didn't show you the Pink Alice dress I made for my Sakura Miku, how very very terrible of me, you only had little part of it to bite on. Well here it is and while I'm at it, I'll introduce my Alice (The true Alice) at the same time. How does that sound? Pretty cool? I guessed so! 

Little try of the top part of the dress after adding the sleeves and all the decorations to it.
And few hours later, I was done with the complete dress. The skirt is made of three layer of different tissus, every one of the attached at the top and ornamented with some laces.
The sleeves have two beige endings and some lace at the elbow. I added white pearl beads as decorative buttons for the top and a metallic key.
There are two roses with bow on the skirt. The first rose on the top layer is beige and hiding a metal rabbit playing the horn.
The second roses is pink and hiding a metal toy horse. I also used the last of my white roses band to make a belt for the dress.
 Here is a portrait. The Pink Alice dress's collar is finished with a row of flower which can also be found on the first layer of the dress's skirt.
 How do you like my little Sakura playing to be Alice?
And as you can't play Alice in wonderland without an Alice, rabbits and card, here you go! Time for some framing picture collage.
I wanted an Alice. But the Alice I liked (There are tons of different Alice dolls,  I already explained it here) are always hard to find or expansive. Lucky my, when the blue Alice came out again, I manage to snatch one at the store for a reasonable price!
Here she is in her box, impatient to get out and meet freedom.
Getting close to freedom. She has a lot of nice feature. I hadn't notice the pin on her bow and she also has particularly nice eyelashes, all uneven.
Let's take a close look to those eyes. I think that the little lines in them totally suit with the way her eyelashes were drawn. It feels complementary. She also has a nicely thick wig.
Here she is on her doll stand. I like the fabric of her dress, it's very thin and soft and I also like the gold and white embroidery on it. She also has very nice curly hair, really easy to take care of as I combed them and they came back directly into place.
 She totally tamed my buffalo!

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