Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday cinema: The bounty hunter

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. Today we are going to watch a comedy: The Bounty Hunter.

Story: Nicole is wanted for having run over a policeman's horse. She is a reporter and escaped to follow a lead on a suicide case she believed to be a murder. She must be on something because her colleague disappeared, her informant was kidnapped and there are people following her and they know how to use guns.
Milo is a bounty hunter. He seems to be broke all the time with people wanting him to give them their money back and a lot of people to catch. He is asked to go after Nicole to bring her back to court and is more than happy to accept. 
On the way, she tries to have him help her. The problem is, Milo is Nicole's ex-husband and they hate each other. 

My feeling: This movie was pretty funny. In the way that nobody really knows where they stand with the others. It goes from catching to escape, to catching again, to teaming up, to new escape and catching back. It goes totally crazy until the very end and it was really entertaining. 
Steward was really hilarious, totally useless but the poor guy was really too funny and comical in a sad way. 


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