Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday taster 28: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Let's continue our Parallel Slip story where we left off last week, at the end, her father had told her that his letters where in the top drawer. 

I didn't know what he meant by that, but I opened the drawer. There were letters he had sent to me which my mother had returned back to him. She had never told me that he had been writing to me, she always pretended that he abandoned me. There were ten years worth of birthday cards.
"Anyway," he passed his hand in his hair as if he was embarrassed "we better let you unpack and get comfortable. Come Jonas!"
"But I want to hear about other stories," Jonas complained.
"You'll have time later. Oh, I almost forgot, here is your key," my father said ending me the key. I took it in disbelief. "Jonas has some issues with knocking at the door before entering so that will give you some privacy."
"That's not true, I'm a gentleman," Jonas said as my father pushed him out of the room.
I turned the key between my fingers. What was happening to me? Life here seemed like paradise. I wondered what my life would have been like if I had stayed with my father all the time. The books I had meant to buy today were on the shelves, he had bought them for me just in case. I couldn't believe that he had been doing it for ten years, it seemed like forever. It was as if I had a double life, or as if I had just been dreaming ever being somewhere else because everything was so familiar. I knew my father was the type to be always ready way before things happened, but I didn't know he had been anticipating everything that much. The things we talked about just a little, books I just mentioned, but never read, he had populated this room with everything he knew about me, it was as if he knew me better than my mother ever did even though I had been with her all along. I sat on the bed to sleep. I was getting sentimental and that wasn't a good idea. My mother wouldn't give up so easily and I needed all my strength. 

It had been three hours already when the police knocked at the door. My father didn't let them enter, my mother was behind them. Sabine came to wake me up. I was feeling groggy, with images of spaceship and kissing people in my head. Jonas had really gotten to me.
"We don't have a warrant, but you do admit that you kidnapped her daughter," the policeman said.
"No, I picked up my daughter at her mother's," my father answered.
"You have no legitimate guard of the child," the policeman said.
I walked down the stairs quietly, I wanted to know a little about the situation before seeing them.
"It will be all right," Sabine said.
I wasn't too sure anymore. My mother could be very persuasive. I yawned.
"Are you the kidnapped child?" the policeman said, looking at me over my father's shoulder.
"I haven't been kidnapped, I called my father to rescue me," I said.
I avoided looking at my mother.
"Rescue," the policeman said.
"I told you my daughter is very sick," my mother said.
"I want to stay at my dad for the week, then I'll move out to go to university," I said.
"Are you sure it is what you want? Has anyone been pressuring you?" the policeman asked.
I looked at my mother for the first time and she crossed her arm as if she wanted to dare me to say anything about her. 

It really looks like Frederique's mother is not going to give up so easily!

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  1. Looks like the mother is determined to keep interfering and not let her live her own life or make her own choices. I hope she can get out of her clutches. Great taster

  2. Not surprised at all, but I AM surprise they are still considering her a child in need of a guardian. I understand she's a minor for a little while longer, but really...

  3. I enjoyed the storyline. I like the sci-fi element as well. A little something different then what I am used to reading, but good

  4. WOW, kidnapping and she is going to university next year? Her mother must be very persuasive to get anyone to believe that. She has the perfect attitude for her mother. It is the only way to handle her calmly and control her quietly. Nicely written piece.