Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday taster 22: Parallel slip

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We just start where we left off last time when Frederique's mum just asked her: "What do you think they would think of me if I let something happen to you?" which doesn't go very well with Frederique.

That was the part where I always get amazed. Once I had been out with friends after school, it was just after she divorced my father. She was a little late to pick me up. Instead of staying in the classroom, we had walked to the nearest book store and she couldn't find me, so she panicked. I didn't black out, that time. I was fine. I'm always fine. I could have walked home every day with my best friend, I wouldn't have minded. My mother entered the store, told me that she was happy to have finally found me and sorry to be late and that we could go home now. She was smiling, as if nothing had happened. In front of people she was always smiling but in the car, she exploded and that was the first time I realized she wasn't really worried about me, but only worried about what people would say about her. I had to be good because if anything happened to me, people would say bad thing about her. It didn't really matter so much if I was hurt or kidnapped or anything of the sort, all that mattered to her was that people would say something bad about her and the way she was a mother to me. She repeated that often, every time something didn't go her way.
"I'll go to university," I said.
"No, you won't, not until you agree to my terms. You do that two year degree, my company already agreed to let me work from home for the time of your study so that I can go live with you," she said. "Doesn't what happened today teach you something?"
"Blacking out, is usual for me, what are you going to do? Going to class with me? Going to the cafeteria with me at lunch time? Maybe you want to go pee with me too? I can black out in the toilet, it never happened before, but who knows," I said. I wondered how she couldn't see how ridiculous she sounded.
"You're just like your father, I can't understand you, there is no way to get some sense into your head. He was..."
"Don't talk about my dad, I don't want to hear it," I said.
"Well, you'll have to hear it anyway," she said.
I walked out of the room, there was no way to talk to her, not in that state, not ever.
"Frederique, where do you think you are going? This conversation is not over," she said following me.
I ran up the stairs to my bedroom before she could catch up with me. I put my back at the door. There was no key. I had no privacy. It was for my own good again. She could enter my room without even knocking at anytime she wanted, just because I could be blacking out alone. I had blacked out many times she didn't know of, so many times.
She was banging at the door, I slid against it, sitting and took my phone out.
"Dad, come pick me up, please, come pick me up, I can't take it anymore," I texted tears running down my cheeks.

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  1. I really feel for her. She wants to make her owb decisions in life but keeps having things hold her back. I hope things get better

  2. I am only confused about one thing...does her mother know she travels to other universes or does she think she is just an epileptic? It seems like there is so much more to this than her mother could ever know...But, I love the story and now we get to meet her father. Anxious to see what he is like. Love the story. xo

  3. Wow! Very emotionally evocative. Left me really wanting to strangle that 'mother'!

  4. Damn, the mother is smothering the living crap out of her. Why can't she just let her breathe? Great post Linda.

  5. Where is her father through all of this? The mother and daughter have a terrible relationship, primarily the mother's fault for being only concerned about what people think of her and not her daughter. I'm anxious to see the introduction of the father's character.

  6. I hope she finds some solace with her father. There is obviously something important we don't know about him, and I suspect it has something to do with Frederique's slips. Can't wait for you to show me!