Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Taster 15: Parralel slip

Hello and Welcome to Thursday Taster again. Talented writers from all over the blogosphere gather together to give readers tasty parts of their work in progress, you can find the list here
Today, there won't be a Rainbow Catcher taster, but instead the start of my not-fully titled yet story, let's call it Parallel Slip for the moment.
"Frederique! Frederique!"
As I fell back the first things I saw was the top of the building blending into the sky. Then the sky. I had my mother's voice yelled my name in my ears when his face came into focus. She would never get used to it, every time it happened in front of her she had to yell. 
"Captain are you all right!"
I blinked, three times, that's the way I always make sure that I'm fully there. Sometimes it's just a glimpse.
"Yes," I answered.
He took a step back and I could see the full room. Buttons everywhere in front of me. A sort of ship, a space ship.
"Captain, we can't submit to his plan," a man said to my left.
He was older, smiling in an arrogant way that didn't please me. The man in front of me, the one who had asked me if I was all right, seemed nervous. He was looking at me, expecting something.
"What else do you propose?" I asked the older man.
I needed more information if I wanted to take a sound decision. It was all about the decision, but I didn't have time now to ask myself what kind of choice, I had made that had led me here.
"We do the same thing we always do," the older man said. "We follow protocol thirteen point eight paragraph B, we leave nothing to chance, we wipe them up."
"The usual," I said.
The older man smiled in approval and the other one shook his head. He was cute when he looked annoyed.
"But?" I asked, looking straight at him.
He turned fully to me.
"They know, they know we are coming that way, we always came that way, they'll know, they'll..."
He wasn't logical anymore, either it was his emotion getting the best of it, either for his plan or for what he truly believed was to be done.
I pondered the possibility, I had not idea what I was supposed to do. I didn't even know what was the protocol thirteen point eight paragraph B or who they were. All the information I had was an old guy wanting to do everything as usual and a new guy possibly wanting to climb the hierarchy. Still, I had been sent there to save the day because my other self was... Well, I don't even know where they go when I take over.
But what kind of society would leave a seventeen year old in charge of a spaceship. I couldn't wait to get a tour of it.
"Captain!" the older man called. "You need to make a decision, quickly!"
I didn't like the fact that he seemed to be doubting my newly found authority, or whatever. I looked at the man standing in front of me.
"You're in charge. Do it your way, but you better make sure everything goes fine," I said.
"Captain!" the older man said.

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  1. Exciting snippet! Looks like a great read!

  2. Hmm an interesting set up. Was he flying from the building in a ship? Is he a he? (I'm not sure) He must be talented to rise in the ranks.

  3. Great taster. You've hooked me on this story. Can't wait to read more

  4. Linda, looks like we are headed for another wonderful trip through your creativity! Wonderful taster. Very creative and interesting. xo