Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Taster 14: Rainbow Catcher

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I'm so sorry for being so very late today. I'll hope you'll enjoy anyway. Last time Gena refused to cook dinner. From Chapter 3 the editing is going down hill, I really need a good idea to fix this.

I thought the kid deserved nice spaghettis for his last meal in town, but we can always go dine out,” Markus answered.
Gena left the room without a word more, her high heels resonating in the stairs.
You’ll see, her spaghettis are the best in town, that’s why I married her,” Markus said winking at Jason.
But she said…” Jason started.
Trust me, she’ll make you some, she might be mad, but she always knows how to get what she wants when she treats my stomach,” Markus said stroking his stomach which was getting prominent with age. Jason couldn't think about the last time he had eaten anything else than dry fish, it was probably before his parents' death. 

Chapter 3

Markus was right, Gena’s spaghettis were the best in town, but Jason wasn’t really hungry and the pasta made his insides feel funny. He didn't eat anything that rich and oily in a long time. Dry fish was the cheapest, he could get some at the dock, once all the good fishes had been sold for almost nothing. That way, he saved money for the rainbow. But somehow, it felt like a total waste now, the money was gone and he still had no rainbow.
He was worried about how Clarissa would feel the next morning when she would wake up not having him around. He would, she spend her days without knowing that he would be there to hold her hand in the evening until she fell asleep? How she would bear being alone? Since their parents died, they had always been here for each other. She was the only thing he had in this world and he was the only one for her too. As long as he could remember they had only been separated once, when their parents died, two years earlier.
The social services had taken Clarissa away and put her in a family while he stayed at the center, he was too old to be placed. They had said that it was better for them, that way they could both take care of their own life without having to worry about the other. It might have been a good idea, but it didn’t work that way. They were not the one getting up every night when Clarissa had a nightmare and cried in the middle of the night dreaming about the accident, he was. After a week, her new family brought her back saying that she needed psychological help because she had been crying and refusing to eat. They refused to let him see her and Clarissa went to the hospital, her health was getting worse and worse. Finally, the psychologist decided that maybe there was something physiological going wrong with her and that the pain in her chest was not only due to her feelings, that’s when they brought her to doctor Marshall and when she was diagnosed with a right ventricular hypertrophy. It was an easy diagnosis. She had been crying so much that she couldn’t breathe properly, the blood from her heart wasn’t flowing properly to her lungs, making them grow weaker, and every little amount of stress was increasing the symptom.

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  1. I hope Jason feels better and can eat. Sounds like good pasta.

    Will Clarissa be okay in a family? Lots of things going on here, great taster

  2. Finally getting the scoop on what's wrong with Clarissa. Sounds like she might not have gotten sick if they'd let Jason see her! They should be paying for a rainbow. Yeesh

  3. You have weaved the two chapters together in the same scene. You have also explained how Clarissa became sick and what she suffers from. I agree you have a lot going on in this excerpt and explained many questions I had.

  4. This is a man who loves her. He is always concerned for her and this story has gotten more intriguing every time I read it.

  5. This is a development, of sorts. We are learning more about her illness and her weakness, but she had seen Jason at the hospital when he thought he had the first rainbow. Why didn't she start feeling better then? Her condition has complicated, requiring the purple rainbow. Perhaps the condition will spread to him, since he will be separated from her for so long, making the need for the purple rainbow even more necessary and controlled by his internal timeclock. We'll see....xo