Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday Taster 11: Rainbow Catcher

Hello and Welcome to Thursday Taster again. Talented writers from all over the blogosphere gather together to give readers tasty parts of their work in progress, you can find the list here
I skipped a little bit and you can have a better look at Markus and the garage today. I hope you'll enjoy it.

“I was thinking you wouldn’t come,” Markus greeted him.
“Sorry, I’m not working tonight, I’m just here to say goodbye,” Jason answered.
Markus had problem to define if he looked more desperate or determined.
“So you are really leaving? It’s really crazy, you know. We could go get that guy and…” Markus started.
“You know it’s the only way, rainbows will not fall from the sky and even with the money back it would still not be enough for something legal,” Jason said.
“If you are so sure, I have something for you,” Markus said, “follow me.”
He walked to the back of the garage followed by Jason and opened an old and heavy grey door which seemed to have been closed for at least ten years or more. It cracked when turning on its rusty hinges.
“This is exactly what you need,” Markus said, pointing at something covered by a dusty blue blanket in the middle of the room. Jason wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that.
Markus walked to the thing and pulled the blanket away before giving “the thing” a loving look. “The thing” was the only name which came to Jason’s mind to describe it. What was in front of him was probably the oldest and less functional looking motorbike in all Polysky.
“If you promise to take good care of it and to bring it back with the rainbow, it’s yours,” Markus said all smiling.
“Does this thing even run?” Jason said, opening incredulous eyes.
“Don’t listen to what he is saying,” Markus said, caressing the front of the bike as if the question could have hurt its feelings, before turning back to Jason.
“Of course it does,” he said, moving to the side and turning the contact key as to prove it.
The bike started to shake with an incredible noise resonating in the entire building. Jason looked around wondering if the roof was not going to fall on them. A cloud of black smoke escaped from the engine with a burning smell. Jason opened big eyes, he needed anything but that. Markus started coughing.
“I think I will take the bus,” Jason said, walking slowly backward toward the door to avoid the smoke.
“It didn’t go out for five years, Gena went so mad the last time I rode it that I’m afraid to ride it again, so the oil dried a bit inside,” Markus said coming out from behind the cloud covered with black carbon particles. He pulled an handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his face. The strong smell of burned oil was starting to tickle Jason’s throat and sticking his eyes. The bike was now purring like a well-fed cat.
“I’m not too sure,” Jason said.
“Let’s clean it up and you’ll see,” Markus said turning it off.
Jason didn’t want to waste more time, but he also didn’t know what to do after getting on the bus and he wanted to have Markus' opinion on the path to follow. It seemed easy enough. Go to the desert, find a rainbow and bring it back. He already had a cold case to transport it, he had paid dearly for it, but except getting on the bus, he had no idea on how he would find a rainbow without a radar. He didn’t want to be one of those guys following the calculation of Everett Cooper and getting what he left, he needed a clean purple rainbow and fast. Nobody would let him have something so rare.

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  1. Delightful. You are so clever in the manner in which you give life to everything in this story. I find it very charming. That the bike, you have me saying to my computer screen. Take the bike and go get the purple rainbow as you will have vastly more flexibility in the desert. I can barely wait to read your story from week to week. xo

  2. An interesting new opportunity. I like Marcus apologizing to the bike. :D

  3. It's like he's on a mission. I so hope he gets the rainbow soon. Great taster, really well written