Sunday, September 7, 2014

WeWriWar 67 Demon and Fairy

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Week-end Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.
Here we are, back again for a new Excerpt of Demon and Fairy. This week, I entered pitch wars and I'm waiting for the results to come on September 3rd, so cross your fingers for me. 

In the previous episodes: Seti let the chaos got out of him as the father of his sister's fiance threaten to break the engagement. Wild, he flies to the beach to see the only person near whom he can get rid of the Chaos without pain, the fairy Kallisto in the Human world below his. He can only observe her through a tidal pool. But this time, she is in danger. Trying to rescue her from a snake, Seti lands in the world below. However, as Kallisto tries to touch him, he flies away back to his hidden place on the beach and listen to Kallisto's conversation with her best friend Kelpie who once again proposes to her and is refused. Kallisto needs to choose between Kelpie or going back to the fairy world to marry prince Kordelius. As the night comes, Kallisto goes home and so does Seti and of course his parents are all weird... (Remember, Seti used his forbidden power and left without an explanation... ) Then Seti was mysteriously pushed in his room, in the dark and apparently turned blind. This week, Seti is trying to control the Chaos who wants to take over his body.

Here are my 8 sentences, the weirdness continues (He is Seti and They are Seti's parents). And we start where we left off last weeks

But it was too late, the Chaos had let go of his head to concentrate on the door. Seti made a huge effort to take his hands away from the door before it begun but it was vain. The Chaos liberated itself in his hands and on the door when suddenly he was pulled violently backwards, crossing the room only to be stopped by the piles of stuff obstructing the window. The Chaos turned furiously in his head. Some books fell on his head as he massaged the back of it.
Ouch,” he said like a reflex.
The Chaos was back as torturing him, but he wasn’t in a mood to let it do.
Now, shut up and listen to me where ever you are. I want to go out of here as much as you do, but I can’t find a way if you don’t let me think,” Seti said angrily.
For all answer, the Chaos hit his forehead louder.

Answer to last week's comments:
Joyce, hurting his doesn't have to be physical and/or obvious. You'll see if he gets out of there, I suppose.
Gem, it was Jason entering pitch wars, not Seti and they didn't like him. But I still have plan B.  
Chelle, you are going to suffer reading this because it gets much worse.
I think the Chaos is getting some fan, nice. ;) 
For the new comers: Last week's last voice was Kallisto, the only one who appears to keep the Chaos in check. 

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  1. I sure hope Seti gets the chaos under control.

  2. I am trying to visualize the Chaos - I picture a dark shadow grabbing Seti. Poor guy, he is really struggling. Very intense.

  3. "stuff?"
    What kind of stuff?
    A pile of National Geographics from the sixties, vinyl records, broken furniture?

  4. Chaos doesn't seem too smart, which is a good thing for Seti. I feel sorry for his poor aching head! Interesting snippet!

  5. The chaos won't let him think. I feel so bad for Seti.

  6. Interesting, Chaos and Seti. I love the names. Great snippet.