Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Taster 10: Rainbow Catcher

Hello and Welcome to Thursday Taster again. Talented writers from all over the blogosphere gather together to give readers tasty parts of their work in progress, you can find the list here
I think we are done with Chapter one. I added some revision and good some good reviews and insight this time. So let's continue with chapter 2. I'm not going to give you the entire story. I'll change once I'm happy enough with the edits, or at worst in November, but if it's in November, things might get pretty chaotic.
Thank you for all the comments last week, it really helped me figure out a few more things about the story.
Do you want to watch TV? The emission will start soon,” he said.
Clarissa nodded, looking at him. Something was clearly wrong, he normally complained that TV killed her brain cells faster than anything else.
Jason needed time on his own he didn’t want to talk. He had made a huge mistake and to fix it his punishment would be to go away.

You’re not going to work?” Clarissa asked.
Everett Cooper had said his famous sentence to the camera and it was generally the signal of Jason’s leaving.
We need to talk first,” he said, standing up to close the white curtains. The first sun had already disappeared, giving the sky a livid greenish color before the night.
About my rainbow? I know Everett…” Clarissa started.
Everett Cooper will not bring you a rainbow,” Jason said, clenching at the curtains, avoiding to look at her.
I know he won’t, do you think I’m that stupid?”
Jason turned around to face her.
So why would you keep on telling that he would?”
Because I know that only a miracle would bring me a rainbow and it is the only reasonable miracle I can think of. He is pretty much of an idiot for not having brought me a rainbow already. What's so good in keeping me waiting?” Clarissa said.
You’re kidding!”
Mum said that the only way to make miracles happen is to believe in them, so I really tried,” Clarissa said.
Jason hugged her. All this time, he had no idea that his little sister had been so grown up.
I’ll bring you a rainbow,” he said feeling strangely relieved.
It’s not realistic either, you didn’t even repair the dialophone,” she said hugging him back.
It’s because I know you will sleep with it again,” Jason said defensively.
He released her and helped her back on her pillow.
Not if it is the only way I have to talk to you.”
She handed him the little device.
I’ll show you how to do it, look,” Jason said, passing the dialophone bracelet around his wrist.
He pushed the middle button on the left side and the device turned on, opening a circular screen a bit larger than his hand on the boy’s wrist.
Hello Jason,” the dialophone said.
Jason pressed the screen down to make it flat again and the dialophone turned off.
See if I try to make the screen stand straight it cuts the power,” Clarissa said.
Jason turned his wrist with the hand open upward and twisted the metallic part of the bracelet to make it touch his veins through his skin. The dialophone energy was generated by the pressure created by the blood pulse in the wrist.
This needs to touch your skin tight,” Jason said as the dialophone turned on again, greeting him.
What about the sound? It sounds so creepy,” Clarissa said.
Jason turned his wrist again and pulled the microphone from under the screen.

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  1. That is interesting how that contraption works...the blood pressure- wow creepy factor I agree with Clarissa.

  2. I am so glad you liked how the first chapter developed. So did I. But, I still don't know how he is going to get a rainbow, especially a purple one! It really has me stumped. And now the dialaphone. What's the significance of that? Let's go straight to next week!!

  3. More tech in this neato world. Thanks for the taste!

  4. I want to know more than what you've revealed about the diaphone and her. Is this how she communicates with him when he's looking for the rainbow? And is he going to find one elsewhere? I know he won't give up. I hope? Does he act with protection, not to tell her he has acquired one until he does?

  5. That dialophone is a clever thing. I'm glad that Clarissa realizes things and speaks up. Keen to know more, great taster