Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Cinema: Roommate

Welcome to a new Thursday Cinema. This time we are going for a Japanese scary thriller type horror movie.

Story: Harumi had a car accident and end up in the hospital where she meets Reiko, a nurse. Harumi and Reiko become close friends. Harumi is going through money problem and when she can go home, Reiko becomes her roommate. Then strange things start to occur in Harumi's life apparently caused by Reiko who seems to have memory trouble and not remember what she does. Harumi is afraid from Reiko until she meets Mari. At the same time Kensuke Kudo responsible for the car accident offers Harumi a job and help.

My feelings: I liked this movie. It wasn't as scary as I expected though. There was a lot going on. Everything was from Harumi's point of view, most of the time and that helped with the feeling of fear. The course of events was a bit predictable. But the add at the end was surprising. It was a nice movie. I liked how perceptive Kensuke was in case of trouble and all the explanation about what actually happened. Japanese movie have a great way to make things that seem to be irrational become rational.

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1 comment:

  1. That's interesting premise. I like watching Japanese movies and dramas (with English subtitles). I'm not a fan of horror type of movies though... >_<