Friday, July 25, 2014

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart part 17

I managed to catch up with Camp NaNo, things are going good. After this draft I think I'll take a long break from writing to be able to edit all my drafts which have been waiting for some love for so long. I'm working on Rainbow Catcher but not fast enough. On the top of everything, I have a new editor/proof reader looking at my already published work to make sure I don't get reviews saying that I have spelling mistakes. Still, I can't help the British English.

Anyway, that doesn't stop our vampire story to continue... Viorel is having a little bit of trouble with our friends the Jäger. (<--- Correct spelling here and wrong through the entire draft, you can see the purpose of editing.) but that won't really last too long, you know him and his fighting skills, even though he is still in a very bad position.

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Final word count for the moment, nothing changed here, I think I might start writing Vampire Heart again once I start running out of material for this blog post series:

Here is today's part. Enjoy! (Don't forget to Enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experience.)

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