Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Demon Soul Chapter 12 part 1

Hello and welcome to a new vlog post of Demon Soul. Last time we had a reading, Sahel had grown up and despite the fact that everyone seemed to accept him a little bit more, things were not so good for his relationships with girls. I wonder if it's due to cross species relationship or just because it's hard being that age. Brownie was getting jealous of Daciana. But I think she is on the right track making food for her favourite demon.

Anyway, today we enter the long chapter 12 and that's why you'll only have part one, part two will be coming next week. Sahel has things to do before going to the Demon World to get his last power. I recorded this video a while back but it took be for ever to edit and upload it, I hope the rest of the book will go more smoothly.

Also, the beginning of Demon Soul is now available for free on Wattpad, here. I'm not sure yet how many chapters I will add, I guess it depends of the readers and comments, for the moment it's rather calm.

Anyway, let's enter chapter 12, I hope you'll enjoy.

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