Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hong Kong, Landau Island : Mui Wo

When we arrived in Hong Kong we crossed Landau Island by bus to go from the airport to our hostel in Mui Wo. It was already 1am and I was a little bit afraid that we wouldn't be able to check in but the people from the hotel left us a message on the door to explain to us where our room was and that we would have to pay in the morning. 
The room was pretty nice except that only the plug for the fridge was giving us electricity and that of course as it was an electric shower, there was no hot water. There was also a bird really close that was singing day and night always the same tune, it was kind of crazy.
Mui Wo is a nice and small village and I was happy to be there in the morning because the view on the boats and river was beautiful.

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