Monday, May 12, 2014

100 days of music: Introduction

Have you ever had one of those things that are killing you? Not because you are doing them, but because you are not? When it becomes more painful not to do them than to actually start doing them? 
Well I think I have his relationship with music. I always wanted to be good at music. I took two years of piano when I was a kid, then gave up, then when I moved to Paris and I had access to a piano, I would try to play. Then when I moved to Japan and there was a piano in my building, I would play too. When I was in Ireland, I even bought a violin to teach myself how to play. 
But the truth is, it's hard and every time I start, I end up giving up because I tell myself that I can't find the time to learn music properly and that I can't pull up the daily hours of playing I really need to get good and well in the end I just still can't play because I'm just not practicing enough. 
Anyway, today this is going to stop. I discovered this website called some months ago and I tried to gather friends there to work on projects together, to motivate each other but once again, it seemed that I was the only one motivated and I didn't start. 
Well, this time I'm not asking anyone to get in the adventure with me, I'm going to play, violin and piano, every day, for 100 days.
At first I decided to play only violin for 100 days and to do piano later but in the end I know that if I don't do it it will end up killing me. And later generally equals never so it has to be today.
Here are the videos I uploaded for day 1. If you want you can follow me on or I'll upload a weekly video so that you can see my progresses on this blog anyway. It's only 10 seconds long because the goal is not to make a video, the goal is to teach myself some piano and violin playing.

Here is the first video for violin, it's long enough for you to see my initial level on a piece I have rehearsed quite a bit even though I haven't played it for a long time.

And here is the first video for the piano, in the same way, it's a piece I used to be familiar with.

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