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Today is day Y for the A-to-Z challenge, Yes, the one before the last, this all challenge business will end up so quickly, the time really flies. Today's word is Yearning, something about the past, Hitomi is readying through old aunt Teresa's diary, there is thing there about a Yloc.

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Hitomi started to think about her best friend. She often wanted to have someone to who she could have said everything but had never felt that comfortable with anyone. Grenadine was probably the closest thing she has to a best friend except for Demian but as he was her boyfriend now so it was a bit different. She continued to read.

So I looked at them go away, I was feeling so miserable looking at the cake which hadn’t been eaten and at the presents which hadn’t been opened. I ran to my room to cry. I heard them come back few hours ago and as they started to climb the stairs I decided that I still wanted to be alone. They would probably have asked me to forgive them. My brother always does that, pretend to be sorry when he is not and I’m forced to forgive him. I guess its a Christian thing, if someone says sorry you should forgive them so that God can forgive you and let you go to Heaven. I really want to go to Heaven, because Hell is very scary, but today I really didn’t feel that I could face it so I ran to the attic stairs. The attic always scared me too, as dark as Hell, it’s the creepiest place of the house but I was sure that nobody would ever come to look for me there. So I climbed the stairs, entered the first room I found unlocked, and decided to feel even sorrier for myself than I already was.
But what happened then was incredible. I heard a voice coming from the deep darkness of the attic and I didn’t understand what it said but it was kind of soft and not scary at all. The exact words were:
Stop crying like that you are going to make my Yloc depressed.”

When she read these words, Hitomi’s heart missed a beat. It was sure now, this was Teresa’s diary. They had almost given up the idea that she could have one after not finding it in the chest or anywhere in the attic but now it was here in her hands. She liked the style much better than the one of the old man, probably because it was written by a girl, maybe also because she was trying to escape as well when she had climbed to the attic the first time.
I didn’t know that there was someone in the attic and the shock made me suddenly stop sweeping. Then I hear some kind of plaintive cry and then the voice again.
See what I meant, my Yloc always get depressed when girl are crying around, she is very sensitive.”
Again the strange word, I got up and started to walk deeper into the darkness not really reassured but I could see nobody.
Where are you?” I remember saying.
Here”, the voice answered on my left. But there was only a mirror. When I was little I always had mum read me the snow-white fairy tale, it was my favourite, so I knew about speaking mirrors and looked at it. What I saw inside was so incredible that I’m still wondering if it’s true or just a dream. There was a boy inside the mirror holding the strangest animal I had ever seen and he was looking straight back at me.
Now tell her everything is fine because she doesn’t believe me” he said.
And curiously I started to talk to the strange animal and the boy called David made me promise to come back tomorrow. It’s surely the strangest birthday I ever had in my entire life. When I get back down it was really late and everybody was really worried, my brother got scolded again but I didn’t find it rejoicing at all as I would have expected. The only thing I can think about now is the strange boy on the opposite side of the mirror which makes me remember I didn’t open my presents yet.

It was the end of the first day. Hitomi sighed and took an empty notebook in a drawer. She wanted to write a diary too. Compiling day by day the information she was learning about Teneria seemed to be a good idea. Teresa seemed to have started writing hers the day she had met David, probably because it was the most exciting thing ever happening in her life or maybe because she didn’t have a best friend to share it with anymore. Hitomi started to remember what she had done and felt since the first day she had met Demian and wrote down everything. Then as she was way too excited to go to sleep despite the late hour, she started to read again and finally felt asleep on Teresa’s diary, dreaming about Teneria and about the strange boy on the other side of the mirror.

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