Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Welcome to the M day of the A-to-Z challenge. Once you're finished here don't forget to see the other participant at www.a-to-zchallenge.com.

Today we are going to see a little part of Demon Soul where Taika is doing awesomely helpful magick and brush it off like it's normal. Int: Sahel is getting his power over water and is frozen as a result but the temperature in the room would give anyone else a fever.


“I had heard it was terrible”, Sedana said “but I would never have imagined anything like that.”
Taika pushed him with her elbow, making him stop. Brownie didn’t need to be remembered about it, she was already deep in. Taika walked around the room slowly and looked at the little shape huddled up behind the blankets above Brownie’s shoulder. She took her magic wand of her sleeves slowly. It was really light and in a perfect equilibrium with her feminine and gracious hand. It was made of the wood of a very old cherry tree from their house’s garden. The tree had that particular: it was in the centre of a pentacle formed by all elements, five kilometres from the sea, five kilometres from a volcano, five kilometres from an old metallurgical mine, five kilometres from a mountain where a windmill field had been placed and five kilometres from a crater due to a meteorite crash. It wasn’t a small thing to say that the wood of this particular tree has been known for generation as giving birth to very powerful magic wand. And Taika was very proud of her wand.
“Maybe a little of refreshment would do”, she said raising her hand.
Brownie looked at her alarmed, it was too late, she could feel the sudden cold due to the displacement of air, but she soon realized that all the hot air of the room had just gathered around Sahel.
“Ha, ha, ha”, Sedana laughed, “my little sister know a lot of magic tricks and she always need to impress the people around.”
Taika threw him a dark look making him realise that his last comment was not necessary.
“Thanks," Brownie muttered.
Taika nodded making her know that it was just basic for her and that she would have done it for anyone. Gideon took the medallion out of his pocket, and showed it to Brownie.

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