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Today we are going to see a little part of Demon Soul, where Brownie can't help herself but get a little bit Jealous of Daciana.

"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, just a bit tired”, she said. 
"You should go to bed, I’ll continue alone, it’s ok”, he said looking down to take another book, pushing strange thoughts away. 
“What about I get us some sandwiches?” She said smiling. 
“I would love that”, Sahel looked at her again, all smiling, he didn’t know why but he thought that he had never felt happier before.
He was looking so much alike the older Sahel from her dreams at that particular instant that Brownie’s heart starting to race in her chest remembering it. She turned around to avoid looking at him, pushing the disturbing thought away. 
“I’ll be back in no time”, she said walking to the door. 
She met Daciana in the corridor. It was a bit strange to think that she had changed so much. She was wearing leather black trousers with boots and a blood red shirt. Her hair had grown a lot too; she had pulled them up in a very sexy way with two locks framing her face. Dylan had been bringing her clothes and jewels every night since she grew up, spoiling her even more than before. She looked at Brownie from top to bottom and bottom to top and smirked confidently before walking passed her and opening the library door disappearing behind them. Brownie sighed, and looked at her own outfit. She was wearing her old purple jogging suit and her hair had been quickly attached with a bandana. 
“So what?” she said out loud “I just have better things to do.”
She walked angry to the kitchen not really knowing why she was suddenly upset about everything in general.
"Hello”, Daciana said with a caressing voice entering the library.
Sahel looked down from the second floor and saw her walk up the stairs.
“So that’s where you have been hiding”, she said sitting on the table in front of him; “Creepy.”
“Yeah”, he answered not even bothering looking at her.
She waited a bit for a reaction but as nothing happened, she got up and walked behind him stroking his arm slowly.
“What are you reading?” She said bending over his shoulder to look at the book.
“Boring”, she said taking the book away before Sahel had time to react, she turned few pages under his incredulous look, closed it and threw it away.
“Really, really boring”, she said.
Sahel had got up facing her to get his book back. She passed her hands around his neck leaking her fangs.
“That’s such a shame that Viorel has sealed me, you smell so good that I still want to bite you, your blood must taste so sweet”, she said smiling.
Sahel took her wrists to push her away but she just took a step closer.
“Dylan is taking me hunting tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come with us. That would be so much fun," she said softly.
Sahel stepped back and took the book.
“I’m not interested”, he said sitting back on his armchair and starting to read again.
She sat on his lap and passed her arms around his neck again not giving up yet.
“I can stay home if you prefer, I’m sure we could get a lot of fun together”, she said smirking.
“Well, you can’t bite me any more”, Sahel said trying to take her arms away remembering the time when he had seen her biting Dylan.
“But you can bite me. That can be as interesting, I have never been bitten before, and you could be the first one to taste my blood it would be delicious…” she continued.
Brownie had come back with the sandwiches and was looking at them from behind a book shelves. She was feeling so bad for seeing them so close to each other and she hated herself for hiding like a rat, but she couldn’t help watching. Sahel took Daciana’s arms forcing her to get up with him and pushed her away.
“I’m not interested”, he said. “Go play with Dylan, he really likes it and he will be waiting for you.”
“Dylan is too old for me”, she said softly coming closer again.
“And I’m too young”, he smirked pushing her away again.
Brownie felt a bit relieved suddenly, she wanted to run to Sahel and kicked Daciana away. She walked out front behind the book shelves.
“Well if you prefer staying with her,”Daciana said with a small sound of despise in her voice looking at Brownie.
Sahel turned to look at her too and looked at the ground quickly a bit shameful. Daciana kissed him on the cheek leaving the mark of her red lipstick on it and then walked away waving.
“Enjoy the sandwiches," she said.
He stroked his cheek taking the lipstick away. Brownie put the tray on the table trying to act as if nothing had happened. 

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  1. Jealousy is a bad thing, people who know they have that trait should work to lessen it's control over their behavior. Thanks for the visit, good luck with the rest of the a-z challenge.