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Welcome to the first day of the A-to-Z challenge.
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Let's directly jump to today's post, a story of Anger.

There were definitely not enough colour. Emera who was in the same class had a full box of twenty. Evalynn had tried to put one colour on the top of the others like mummy had shown but there was no way she could manage to create a new one. Last time she tried she just ended up with a hole on her page. She put down her blue pencil in frustration. She was trying to colour the sky but it looked like a baby's drawing with only one shade of blue. 
This was the first time it happened. Her fingers were feeling warm suddenly as if she could feel the temperature of the oven where mummy was roasting a chicken. She put the paper down to look at her hand and couldn't suppress a cry. Her fingers weren't fingers any more, they were twigs, little pieces of wood which kept on growing. 
"What is it?" Mummy asked whipping her wet hands with a towel.
Dad looked over his newspaper. He didn't like being disturbed when he was reading. He didn't like being disturb by a child. Evalynn looked up at him trying to hide her hand but he was faster and grab her at the wrist. His eyes were big and his face was turning red. The corner of this eyes started to tremble every time it did that mummy would send Evalynn to her room and mummy and dad would make lots of noise.
So Evalynn knew this was bad.
"You're one of them!" he yelled at mum, pulling on Evalynn making her hang half way above the table. As if she was his proof. His nails digging in her tender flesh.
"It's nothing, I can explain," mummy said but she lacked confident already, her voice was trembling.
"There is nothing to explain! You are one of them!" 
"But the Nephil," mummy started. Daddy stood up and threw her the newspaper. 
He kicked the chair he had been sitting on.
"How dare you do that to me, woman? Coming to my house, making my child sick!"
"She is not..." mummy said taking a step back, "I can explain, I can..." 
A fire ball from dad's hand hit her in the temple before she had time to see it coming. Evalynn looked at her, her heart clinching in her chest. 
"What is wrong?" She said.
"Silence," Dad threw her against the wall and she fell on the ground.
Dad continued to hurt mummy. The kitchen floor was turning red. The smell of the blood mixed with the smell of the roasted chicken nauseated Evalynn. She tried to stand up but mummy discouraged her with a pleading look.
"Get away from my house!" Dad yelled.
"Not without my child," mummy answered.
She was ready to fight but dad was too strong. It lasted for ever then pushed her away to the door, locked her out.
"Don't you dare to ever come back!" He said.
Mummy was sitting on the floor in front of the house waiting for things to get better, maybe.
"Now I'm going to teach you how to be a Watcher," dad said to Evalynn with a soft voice. "Stand up!"
Evalynn stood, feeling dizzy. She was holding her guilty hand which didn't look like a hand, leafs at started to grow on her fingers.
Dad held her by the wrist.
"This is a decease, it's in your blood because of your mother," dad's voice was getting harder and harder again. "I will cure you, be a good girl."
Evalynn didn't move, she even stopped breathing, trying not to trigger his anger again but it was too late.
He dragged her to the garage, he seemed to be looking for something. 
"You like wood, don't you?" he said smiling taking a small branch they had saved to start the fire in the chimney. "Wood isn't good, it makes you a monster."
He hit her on the shoulder. He hit again and again until finally her hand took it's normal shape. 

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