Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Cinema: 永遠の0 (The eternal zero)

It's funny how I started this new series by saying that I was mainly going to talk about old movie and the second movie is already a new one. I went to the cinema to watch it last week-end and I just cried a lot.
Anyway, let's get going with the post.

永遠の0  or in English, The eternal zero

Storie: At the death of their grand-mother, Kentaro and Keiko discover that their grand-mother's husband is not their real grand-father. Their mother always wanted to know about her real father but their grand-mother refused to talk about him. They start to go visiting the old men who participate to the second world war with their grand-father in order to find who he was. A lot of people start telling them that Kyuzo Miyabe, their grand-father was a coward who only thought about coming back alive from the missions as well as a genius pilot of the air-plane called zero.

My feelings: You already know that I have been crying a lot during the movie, as I told earlier. The story is really well done and we go from the present to the past in the memories of the old men. They have been facing a lot of terrible things during the war and have each their own particular story to tell about Kyuzo Miyabe. It might have been difficult for others to understand him at that period. He was a lot advanced in thinking than the people around him, refusing to send the people he formed to fly to sure death as they didn't have enough fuel to come back. He wasn't a coward but prioritised the live over the fuel and had a promise to keep. It's a really good movie and it teaches a good way to live your life without ever giving up. 
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