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In Another Castle: Slipped

LJ Idol third week! And I'm still here! Thank you so much for your comments and votes! You're awesome! I hope I was able to give the love back to everyone of you.

The topic for the Third week is In Another Castle.

Summary of the previous episodes
After a very embarrassing farting in the bathroom in public experience, Jess is taken out to a ruin tower for an initiation. Unfortunately, she slipped on the missing stair.

Let's continue the story with my LJ Idol special characters.Lights flashed around me through my closed eyelids, first white then red. And a sound so loud I could feel it beat inside of my head. I was falling again. Falling in the light until the sound became softer, just like a murmur, then nothing. I had landed on something comfy, it smelled like someone had just cut the grass. I felt some movements, as if I was transported somewhere. Mike might have picked me up, I thought. I didn't even feel like yelling at him any more, I was ok. I was just going to bed and sleep until morning. Then once back at the university, I would try to forget about his family and there stupid initiation, that was better.
Something wet touched my hand. It was soft and moving and big. I opened my eyes with a startle to find myself face to face with a cow. A large black and white cow. I sat up and tried to take myself as far away from it as possible. The animal, undisturbed, was eating the grass on which I had been laying, following the cart taking me, where, I didn't know.
I closed my eye for a second, taking my hand to my face and realised that I had dark green sleeves. I was wearing a dress. I don't own a dress like this. I was wearing jeans and sweater last night, on the top of my pyjama when I had to get out quickly for their stupid initiation. How the hell did I turned up to be wearing this?
Mike, my first thought was, it's gotta be Mike, but why?
"You're finally awake," a voice said behind me.
The boy looked like Mike's younger brother. He had a large smile on his face and shiny, laughing eyes which seemed to know everything about you.
"Where am I? Where are you taking me?" I tried to make an effort to remember his name but it made my head hurt.
When my hand came back from the back after touching my hair, it was bloody.
"You must have hit your head hard," the boy said hitting his horse with the rein. "I didn't know girls could climb trees, especially one with that kind of dress."
It didn't seem to have much effect on the animal who continued to walk it's nonchalant steps.
"Trees?" I said. Was he making fun of me? He seemed serious despite his laughing eyes.
"Yeah, I found you under one, at the end of the road with your head on a stone. It was red and you wouldn't wake up but you were still breathing so I thought I better take you to the village," the boy said.
The village was straight ahead of us, at the end of a long, monotonous, straight road. Not the asphalt road I had walked with Mike the night before, an old dirty and muddy earthy road. I could see the high walls around it, which didn't hide the houses build as to form a hill around a castle. 
"I'm Edric by the way," the boy said.
"I'm Jess," I answered evasively.
"Don't forget me when you get back to the castle," he smiled.

"Hi Josh," the night nurse said. "It's a little bit late to visit Ana."
"Hi Maria, unfortunately, I'm not here for Ana tonight," Josh said. "My brother's girlfriend had just been admitted here, she arrived in an ambulance."
The nurse offered him a sad smiled.
"Name?" She asked.
"Jess, I mean Jessica Strand," Mike said.
"Let me see," the nurse type on her computer's keyboard. "She is in intensive care. You can't enter the room yet but you can have a look through the class."
"Let's go," Josh pulled on Mike's arm and directed him through the corridors as if the hospital was his own house.
They stopped in front of a room were doctors and nurses seemed extremely agitated. The tension in the air was palpable, but the boys couldn't hear anything happening on the other side of the glass. Jess was laying there, in the middle of tubes and heavy equipment: machines with green lights showing her heart pulse, a mask, to help her breath, blood on the bed cheat under her head even though the bleeding seemed to have stop.
"I'm sorry Mike," Josh said, "It wasn't supposed to be like this."
"I should have fixed the stairs," Mike said. "She always spaces out, you know, lost in her thoughts. I don't even know how she can cross the street without being hit by a car when I'm not with her. She just always think about something else."
Josh didn't answer. He could see the pain on his brother's face.
"She is strong, you know, one of the strongest person I ever met. Way stronger than me, that's why I wanted to do this for her. Like you did for Ana," Mike said. "She deserves it. And we'll do it again, as soon as she's out of here, but I'll carry her up the stairs."
"Of course you will," Josh answered, "I'll fix the stairs, I should have fixed them long ago."
The agitation increased in the room. Mike put both hands on the glass. A nurse came to close the grey curtains.

"What makes you think I will go to the castle?" Jess asked.
"Because of the dress, I'm sure you are the one they have been looking for," Edric answered.
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