Monday, February 3, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: Hoshizuna no Hama

In the afternoon, we went to Hoshizuna no hama. The little problem to move around in Iriomote island is that there is only five buses in both way during the day so after the kayak, we needed to wait more than two hours to be able to get out of the hotel the tour was programmed from. We then had lunch there and prepared for the following day and for our return to Naha.
Hoshizuna no Hama is a beach with the particularity to have a star shaped sand. Actually not all the sand it star shaped so we had to look for it a little. It is said that having that sand works like a love spell so we bought little bottles and got some sand to fill them in.

Legend: The children of the Southern Cross and the North Star, born in the ocean just off Okinawa were killed by a giant snake. The star sand is the only part of their tiny skeletons, remaining of the heavenly union.
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  1. So neat, Linda! What a beautiful story, and the star shaped sand is fascinating! :-)