Thursday, February 13, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: Back to diving

For the next two days, we finally went back to diving to finish our advance scuba diving course.
The first day we went back to Sunabe Wall -1 where we practiced fining training and compas navigation. I had to do a square of fifteen meter side and for bizarre reason I swam too far on the last side. Then we had a night dive which was a bit exciting because we didn't have to do any kind of exercise but just make sure to stick together and enjoy the scenery. The sea is really different at night than it is during the day, we can see more crabs and octopus and sleeping fishes in bubbles. Our instructor found a little crab covered in seashells and we had it walk on our hand one by one, I was a bit intimidated at first but it was just tickling a bit, I almost didn't feel it. 
The second day, we went boat diving again. First in Cave Maeda where we practiced compas navigation again and I made a prefect triangle then we visited the blue cave. It's a very touristic place were people come in mass to snorkel and dive hopefully as we went there during the winter we even managed to have it all for ourselves. Really pink fishes were hiding in the cave. 
Then for the second dive it was just for fun and we went to Yamada where we can see all the different sorts of clown fish (that's the neno fish), including the rarest with a heart shape on it's back. For that dive I still had to practice SMB deployment and our instructor took some pictures of us. 
At the harbor
Getting some lunch after the dive
Clown fish
SMB deployment practice

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