Saturday, February 1, 2014

February challenges overview

Happy Chinese new year (again). This his the green horse year, let's start the fire.

And this new Chinese year will start with a 6 week challenge (don't forget to register) where I'm going to learn Japanese, Japanese and Japanese. Damn will I ever be fluent?
I was reading this post on AJATT few days ago and I tend to disagree: I mean what's the point to become fluent if it doesn't make any change? What's the point of learning anything if after all the efforts everything is the same? A lot of thing changes when you are fluent in a language like the way you enjoy books without struggling, or the way you enjoy conversations without struggling. I'm getting tired of struggling in Japanese, I have never struggled that much in a language before. I can hear the complains already: "but you are reading books in the bus every day in Japanese and every body looks at you like you can't possibly be french while I can't read a single kanji." Let me tell you, fake it until you make it. And because I fake it doesn't mean that I have to be happy with where I'm at because I know what it is to be fluent in a foreign language and heck I'm nowhere close to that in Japanese.

I went a bit short (58 pages short) on my Read more or die contest this month. I was supposed to get 300 pages. I started on day 6 so that's still not too bad. And I'm enjoying the book.


Challenge number two... hum, I'm participating in a group story with 4 other people so I will have to write one page for a story every 5 day which should be alright normally. I don't even know what the story is going to be about and I'll probably have to create some new characters for it. Also you can't read it cause it's a group stuff so I'm not sure how it will be share or if it will be share with the rest of the world.

I'm still on the photography challenge because it's supposed to last 365 days. I'm getting better already but you all know that because you all saw the daily pictures and if you didn't I know you will, here, here. I want to go a bit crazier on it though and I might build a light box this month. If you don't know what is a light box you'll have to wait until I make it.

Of course, I'm still writing Blue Angel and editing Harajuku Kiss. And making the videos for Demon Soul. I'm not sure if I would call those a challenge though because that's more like things I do but they are still there.

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