Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Demon Soul Chapter 5

Hello and welcome to a new reading of Demon Soul!

Last week, Sahel and Brownie had some problem with Luna and the fairies. Hopefully, Gideon managed to catch the dark shadow responsible for burning the fairies' wings. But Sahel started to get his power over air making his ears very sensitive. Today, Brownie is going to more trouble to make sure he is safe. 

I stopped caffeine, well, basically, I stopped drinking tea because I was making my heart race and I was insomniac. Please don't dring two litres of tea a day, that's dangerous. Anyway, I have caffeine withdrawal symptoms, not really bad but enough to make me yawn a lot while taking the video so there are a bit more cuts than usual. The chapter is also a bit longer. If the videos keep on getting longer I'm thinking of splitting the chapters in 2 videos over 2 weeks. Let me know what you prefer.

Without letting you wait any longer, here is Chapter 5 of Demon Soul.

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