Friday, February 7, 2014

Blue Angel part 23

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel!

This week has been prolific. On Wednesday I managed to write more than 3k words and I added 2k yesterday. When I started to write yesterday I totally hated the part I had written on Wednesday. It's really difficult for me to write when I don't have that voice in my head telling me how genius the bit is but I know that I have to go through that phase from time to time.
If I don't, I end up with an unfinished draft for months(years) and I always have the thought that I need to finish it nagging me. And I promise you that I don't want that and I already have Vampire Heart thoughts to deal with.
Anyway, as I continued writing tonight, Brownie opened new perspectives. I'm also thinking of adding more about Kallisto's transe in the edited version and to create something like that for Seti as well instead of having only Azazel's point of view of the event.
The more it goes the more characters I have to deal with. I hope it doesn't get too messy for you. Let me know how you feel.

And without anymore waiting, here is part 23 of Blue Angel, enjoy! 
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