Thursday, February 6, 2014

018/365 Vampires, love and sunflower

Today, I just wanted to take a picture of my sunflower in it's blue vase but then as I was taking several shots, I grew disappointed with the quality of the setting so I added a cut but the cup was a bit.. blah.. so I added the dolls. Then I realized that it would make a nice story: Daciana and Dylan, my two vampires having a walk under the sunflower. But that's almost impossible of course because they are vampire and even if I was to take picture in the dark the sunflower wouldn't be open. Argh! You can see the frustration here between the art and the biological accuracy. So I took the picture in the dark and added candle light. First because it's romantic, second because it might be strong enough to keep open a sunflower of this size. And here we go, no compromises and nice shadows on the wall as a bonus.

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