Saturday, January 25, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: Yubu island

The next day we rode bicycle from Ohara to Yubu island. Yubu island is a little island on the north-east of Iriomote. To access it you take a small cart dragged by a water buffalo. You can do a tour of the island walking in only few hours. They have a restaurant for the tourist, a park for the water buffaloes, goats and swine, a nice beach, a sea shell museum and a butterfly garden. 
On the road to Yubu Island
Nakama river
Adan (Pandanus tectorius)
No the road to Yubu island
Hibari-chan, the water buffalo which carried us
Water buffalloes
Yubu island
Mausoleum for water buffaloes
Visiting the island
Sea museum

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