Thursday, January 23, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: Iriomote island

The next day, we decided to change island and to go to Iriomote for few days. Iriomote is one of the main southern island of Okinawa. We took a flight from Naha to Ishigaki city on Ishigaki island. My ear was still really painful so the first thing we did when we arrived there was to find me a doctor to have a look at it. I was experiencing a decrease in hearing as well as I was a little scared. It ended up that I had a light middle ear inflammation, the doctor gave me five days worth of pain killers and antibiotic and I had to breath something in before leaving. It made me feel a bit better. Then after lunch we took the ferry for Iriomote island. The only thing we did there on the first day was to walk to our guest house and to plan for the following days. 
Ishigaki Airport
Street in Ishigaki
Fish curry for lunch
Taking the ferry, it was cold and rainy out there.
Walking near the harbor
On the road to the guest house
Sort of memorial near the guest house

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