Monday, January 13, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: The Gorilla chop!

The next day, we were up to diving again. The problem was that it was really windy and that we couldn't possibly enter the sea safely at Sunabe Wall -1 so we drove to the North. The place near Onna's village is called the Gorilla chop because of the rock overlooking it which looks a bit like a Gorilla's head and carrying a chop in his hand. 

This time we had a beach entrance which was a lot easier than the rocks at Sunabe and we needed to swim at the surface for a bit before diving. We couldn't go as deep as we did in Sunabe though but it was still a lot of fun. Once again we practice the mask removal and replacing and finding our mouth piece and some fine technique to swim like a frog. My main problem is that I always want to use my arms instead of using my legs only. Also I tended to either raise or sink in the water doing this technique. 
We could see the same kind of fishes here.
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 After diving we went to a local restaurant for lunch.

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