Saturday, January 11, 2014

January Challenges!

"But Linda, Linda, Linda! You haven't told us what are your new year resolutions and you haven't told us what you are going to do this month?" 

Yes, that's true that not long ago I started to every month with telling the challenges I wanted to accomplish but it hasn't been always like that and I didn't notice that I had to do it but I guess people got somehow used to it. 

So here we go again!

I don't believe in New Years Resolutions! 

The main reason is that probably everyone who took a New Year Resolution already gave it up by about NOW. I mean it's 10th of January and there is the "it's cold outside, I'll do it tomorrow factor." I know that because it's snowing in Sendai and I'm still walking home but that's only because I'm pretty good at self herding even if that's not so good for me. 

The second reason is that people are taking the same resolution every year expecting to obtain a different result without thinking that if it didn't work last year there is no way that it's going to work this year either, I don't know why they start believing that this year is so different just because it's first of January. If they actually really wanted to do something they wouldn't need to wait for the first of January to be convenient to start it, they would just need to start it whenever they think of it. 

The third reason is that New Year Resolutions are generally extremely poorly expressed and lead to being overwhelmed without even starting to work on anything. Like "This year, I'll get fit" but you have no idea about which new diet to start on or what type of exercise you like, or "I'm going to write a book or learn a language" without first planning the time for it during your busy day.
But I guess that's just me being annoyed with people wanting things and never putting the efforts into it and that's worse in January  because of the New Year Resolutions. 

So the challenge for January!

1)I'm up again for the Read More Or Die challenge but this time in 3 languages as I want to maintain my knowledge in German and Swedish a little bit better. 
I'm also reading books in French to help be get better at translating my blog post (and maybe later books) into French.

2)I'm still editing Harajuku Kiss which is getting closer to something good everyday.

3)I'm still writing Blue Angel even though I haven't joined Janowrimo because I was away at the beginning of January then didn't bother. (New part of Blue Angel coming soon.) 
4) I joined #fitbit2014 challenge and have a lot more than the 12k steps needed to success for this week. (Monday: 13752, Tuesday: 13678, Wednesday: 14075, Thursday: 14780)

Conclusion is: I rather "do" that awesome thing than tell people that "I'm gonna do it."

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