Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Editing Frenzy: Prompt Six Clarification: the senses

I've got a bit tired of words checking so let's do something a little bit different this week and go back to our word check next week. 

We are going to start checking out your characters/narrators perceptions. I know we probably all have the seeing and hearing right cause we are naturally awesome like that but the three others take practice.

Here is a way to had some flavor to your writing and make sure you use all the perceptions your character has.
  1. Character enters a new place. List what he sees, hear, and smell.
  2. Character touch something what does it feels like. (Ex, is the glass hot or cold, is the fabrique soft, is the couch hard when she sits on it, does she scratch herself of the rose thorn.
  3. The character eats something, what does it tastes and smell like did to cook add some unusual spice, how did the kiss taste like? Did the guy drunk coffee before kissing her or was someone chewing on mind gum. Was the girl wearing perfume.
  4. Touch feeling due to movement if people run they get sweaty and smelly.
  5. Keep in mind that perceptions are altered when people get tired or are preoccupied or hurt
  6. Use smell to bring back flashback memory as it is the sense the closed related to memory.
One way to go if you feel like you are missing a sense more than another is to force yourself to notice things using it more in your daily life. 

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