Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Editing Frenzy: Prompt Four Clarification: Thought verbs

That's when we are going to use the diet list. (I will prompt different kind of words so that the rewrite doesn't get too heavy.) 

The diet list is supposed to help you remove recurrent words but it doesn't meant that the novel will lose words in general it's quite the opposite, like lose fat but gain muscles instead so that the average weight is the same or heavier. 

Take the thought verbs: think, suppose, know, guess..., for each of them figure out why the character thinks that and see if you can explain it differently.


Initial: She needed to go shopping but she thought that it was better not to go out today.

Replace by: Work had been pretty awful yesterday, she had been walking around all day long trying to please the customers. Her fridge was pretty much empty, she looked through the window at the large grey clouds and the wind. It was better not to go out today.

See, you add a lot more information this way. 

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