Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue Angel part 22

Happy Chinese New Year! 
The photography challenge has been talking away some of my writing time, but I still managed to write a little bit. 

I also rethought the story from here to the end and I have a new point of view about it and about who should be doing what. The ending will also be completely different. Instead of a general ending as planned grouping all part of the story, I might have to have individual ending. Still all part need to remain in the same book as the characters are crossing each other path. I'm not too sure how to handle this so the best way is to keep writing and see how it goes. My characters still have things to accomplish, either in this book, or in the next. 
I'm not a big fan of changing my story line during the first draft, but I don't want to have to double the length of the story or make it into a never ending draft. It would have been easier if my characters decided to behave and accepted the plot but with demons this is never happening.

This is all writer madness stuff anyway. I need to write and stop being scared of where the story goes.

This week, we are leaving Torsti and Odeon in the Demon World to go back to the Fairy World where Kelpie is finally having breakfast after he recovered from his panic attack and Jezabel is the one to freak out. I'm wondering if this part doesn't bring an inconsistancy about what Jezabel said in an earlier part about Ezechiel. If you know which part, let me know. Otherwise, I took note of it so I'll fix up once the draft is finished.

I hope you'll enjoy this little part of the story!
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