Friday, January 17, 2014

Blue Angel part 20

I didn't finish Blue Angel during NaNoFiMo and I didn't register for JaNoFiMo this year either because I was under the sea... maybe. But this doesn't mean that I stopped writing. It seems that every time I stop talking about writing people imagine that I'm not writing anything, every time I stop talking about travel people believe that I'm not going anywhere anymore or not preparing my next trip, every time I stop talking about languages they imagine that I will only use English for the rest of my life. This it a little bit strange.
I had a friend recently telling that she was feeling alone on the editing project when I still have prompt coming every Tuesday, I comment on the post on facebook and of course continue my own editing project.
We have a French saying that goes: "Il faut se méfier de l'eau qui dort," which translate as "beware of the sleeping water." Well, I was under the water but it seems that it's time for me to make a splash so here it is, the next part of Blue Angel, more about Who is going to the Fairy World and you'll see there are some changes and more about Torsti, Odeon and... Lonan.

Enjoy the read!
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