Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Attic Mirror: Hump Day Hook 23

I missed Hump Day Hook on the first Wednesday of the year but here I am, again back, with a new part of Attic Mirror. Find the other writers here.
If you miss my other hooks, they can all be found here.

Attic Mirror is available as a kindle on amazon here and as a pdf on Etsy here and in a lot of format on smashwords here

This time we start on Chapter 2 and Hitomi is back from the attic... she looks a bit, dusty.

When she walked out of the attics, the house seemed really quiet, everybody was in the kitchen for diner and she was already late. They all looked at her when she entered the kitchen and started to laugh. She hadn't realized how dirty she was before they made her notice. She promised herself to start cleaning the attics the next day if she didn't want to end up like that all the time. She had decided to spend all her time here now and was really excited about meeting with Demian again. It was way funnier than the training she had been doing so far by observing people in the street, there was something recurrent about them and Demian was so full of novelty. She had to go wash herself before being allowed to eat. She wasn't really hungry. She was thinking too much about what was going to happen the next morning to be able to notice if she was hungry or not. She ate what was in her plate without even noticing it. She had so many questions about Teneria that she was thinking about writing them all down. It was really strange to think that a completely different world could be so close, in your own house. She couldn't find any explanations to it. If she liked science better or asked Ethan about it he would probably figure out how it was possible. But she didn't really care. All she knew was that Demian was there and real and that she had never had that much fun in her entire life.
“You're strange tonight”, Elian said.
“She is thinking obviously”, Elios, his twin brother answered.
They were almost indistinguishable, Elios's hair was just a little bit darker but in the sun nobody would notice.
“Yes, I'm thinking”, Hitomi answered.
“About what?” Elian asked again.
“Are you going to tell us a new story soon?” Elios said.
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