Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Editing Frenzy: Prompt 1 Plot holes

Read your book and mark every passages which aren't flowing.

Something that should be added to fill some blanks about relationships, or behavior, or events.
Ask yourself why questions about the plot. If you can't find the answer anywhere or if it's somewhere that doesn't make sense, you found a plot hole.

Questions examples: 
Why did the characters arrived here? Why is there no more jam in the fridge? Why do you have an invisible fox making the place such a mess? Why does he has an umbrella if it's not raining?
I know those are shitty examples but I was hungry when I wrote this and you still get the idea: why, why, why.

And don't answer me because, because, because. If it's not written somewhere, it mean only you know the answer and you don't want one million readers to call you at home without caring about the jet lag to ask you why. Or do you?

Second point: don't go adding anything before a complete read through answers might be given in the next chapter and that's still fine. (I do that all the time then need to erase the new thing and it's make everything messy and I ask myself if it wasn't better here or there or before... know your novel first!)

Then add all the missing parts!  

If you want to suggest prompts, leave them in the comments, I'll be delighted to add them to my list. 

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