Monday, December 9, 2013

Editing Frenzy: Introduction, before we start

From tomorrow will start the Editing frenzy in a Writing Group I manage.
If you are editing a novel, written during NaNoWriMo or else and need some help to get going with the madness, or need some clear directions for a first edit, or need to verify that you didn't miss anything, please participate and leave me comments on the Editing frenzy posts so that I can help you and answer your questions.

I know that editing is hell for some people, at least it is for me. So let's get starting on the evil thing and try to make it fun.

Prior to that try to have a read through so that you can have a good feel about your novel.

Here is what you will need to succeed (If I forgot something (at any time) just let me know):

1) A piece of writing to edit.
This one is obvious.

2) A correction file. (If you're like me you'll need a lot of those, some people give them names like second draft, third draft...)
That's where the magic happen. Don't add correction to your first draft original file, that's dangerous. Save it carefully, it's your safety net. Instead copy paste everything in the correction file that's where everything can get dirty and moved around.

3) A cut-out file.
Never ever delete anything cut-paste it in the cut-out file you never know when you're going to use it again and bite your fingers for not knowing where it is in the big draft file.

** Growing as we go to be used during the last part of substantive edit and during copy edit:

4) A diet word list file.
That's where you will list all the words that you are using too much. It will grow as you go and as you will be prompted on particular words during the copy edit.

Words to always be included: was, is, been, had, has, have, that, here (there), it, feel, start, begin, said, told, say , tell, answer... think, thought...
Don't worry we'll check words in category later.

5) A what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me word list file.
That's where you will list all the words that you misspelled, every time you find a misspelled word, you copy it here. If you misspelled it once, you likely misspelled it twice (everywhere?) trust me on this.
That's also when we will check stuff like (you're, your... , saw, though, thought, so... their, they're)
If you ever ask yourself should I add a word to the diet or what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me list, don't ask yourself again, the answer is YES. In case of doubt, add, add, add better check twice than having it wrong.
I used to have only one word list but I think having two with two different purposes would make things a bit faster, at least if you don't overlap words but that's still experimental. List can be reused for the next novel so that's kinda cool.

Please do list up your modification and words and what the hell you are doing to your manuscript under the appropriate prompt and if you're in doubt about something specific ask me in the comments.

I'm also going to suppose that everyone had the developmental edit done. That's basically when someone read your stuff and goes: “But it would be nice if....” or “It would be better if...” kind of brain storming to make the all thing better by adding ideas, characters, etc...
Developmental edit is important (that's when John Green added the last quote part in Looking for Alaska) but I believe that it's still better done after the writer edit as it involves other people reading you stuff and you don't want to bother them with too many typos and inconsistency. Let's give them the best work you can get.

If you want to suggest prompts, leave them in the comments, I'll be delighted to add them to my list.

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