Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Attic Mirror: Hump Day Hook 20

It's Wednesday  and I thought it was Tuesday and I even thought tomorrow was Thursday without Wednesday in between. My brain, my brain. Anyway, it's Hump Day Hook again. Find the other writers here. It's also Mid-Week Tease, you can find the other writers here.
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Attic Mirror is finally available as a kindle on amazon here and as a pdf on Etsy here and on smashwords here

Let's continue with Attic Mirror, we start again just where we left off. Hitomi and Demian are having an Yloc conversation and the red Ylocs are somehow very special for Demian...

Yes, blue, yellow or red”, Demian answered, “They are used for different things depending on the colour. The blue are very strong, they are good at everything and really fast, few of the others are used in races because except with a very intensive training they wouldn’t beat a blue Yloc. The yellow are used in the mines because they are good at digging in case of accident and they can’t be used on the boats because they are terrible swimmers. The red are the best in the mountain, they are good at climbing and they are good at swimming too. My grand father discovered them”, he said proudly.
“What do you mean discovered them?” Hitomi asked.
“Before, there was no red Ylocs on the coast. My grand father was an explorer just like his dad and grand-dad and my dad too. He went to explore the huge mountains of the East which nobody ever came back from before. People thought that they didn’t come back because they died but my grand-father thought that they didn’t come back because they had found a better place to live up there. He was wrong. But anyway, he went there and one morning as the sun was getting up very slowly on the mountain he heard it, the legendary red Yloc. He ran to try to take a look at it but nothing. The Yloc was too far away and the echoes only, in the mountain had carried his voice to him”, he started to tell, his voice carrying more and more mystery and excitement as he went.
Hitomi was mute and all ears. He continued...”

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