Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amigurumi: Haku

I made the dragon spirit of the river from Spirited Away. It took me 12 days spending almost every evening on it. The longest parts were to knit the white part of the body, which is 1.20 meters and the mane which requires adding every hair separately (2 by 2). 

The patterns can be found here. The pattern are for a smaller dragon but it depends on the crochet and thread you are using. The belly blue part also needed to be adapted to my larger size dragon compared to the original patterns.

The nose, horns and eyes are crochet using my smaller hook.

It was my first time using wire inside an amigurumi to give it the desired shape. It is nice because it gives a waving form to the dragon which can be change and also allows different posture for the legs so that the dragon can stand or being attached somewhere like climbing the shelve or something.
The whiskers are made with thinner wire, I forgot them on the first picture.

Here is the dragon body without face. 
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