Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mid-Week Tease: Blue Angel

There is no Hump Day Hook snippet today but there is still Mid-Week Tease, so for a change, I won't be posting about Attic Mirror.
Instead, here is a little excerpt of my current NaNoWriMo project: Blue Angel.
It's totally unedited as I only just wrote this part yesterday. 

“There is some light over there,” Odeon said.
Torsti looked around everywhere but without success.
“I still can't see a damn thing and I thought your eyes were closed,” he said.
Odeon walked away from the wall confidently.
“Wait!” Torsti said trying not to fall without his marks.
“They are closed, I told you it was better,” Odeon answered.
“So now you can see in the dark,” Torsti answered.
“I can't see in the dark, I can't see with my eyes closed either, just I can feel the light, I just know it's there, I don't need to be attached to my eyes and rely on them all the time, I'm alright,” Odeon said a bit annoyed, “Now if you could shut up and let me listen to what's around, that would help.”
“Sure,” Torsti answered.
He tried to look past Odeon to see if there was really something in this direction but there was still no light what-so-ever. He wondered if it wasn't Odeon's imagination. He could only hear the water drop, somewhere close from the stalactite above him, he had to protect his head to make sure it wasn't hitting them. Odeon seemed just find, walking on the side when one was coming close. Torsti couldn't repress a laugh.
“What's so funny?” Odeon asked.
“I was just thinking, you're a bit like a bat,” Torsti said. “I think I should start call you Batdem.”
“And what should I call you then?” Odeon said shaking his head.
“No idea, but seriously, how do you know where we are going? How do you know that we are not going to fall in a hole at the next step?” Torsti asked.
“Oh, I didn't think about holes on the ground,” Odeon said. “I'll be careful now.”

Here is my NaNoWriMo progress bar. I'm heading for 75k.


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  1. A character that can feel light. That's cool. Good luck on your NaNo goal!

  2. Great snippet! Congrats on your NaNo Win!

  3. Great tease! And congratulations on your Nanowrimo win! :)