Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Attic Mirror: Hump Day Hook 16

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We will continue with Attic Mirror. Hitomi and Demian are having an Yloc talk...

Hitomi was finishing copying his part of the inscription.
“I’ll see if I can find something about it in the library latter on”, she said, “Now can you finally explain me about this Yloc thing and Teneria.”
“Only if you explain me about Japanese”, he said smiling.
“I knew I wasn’t the only one not knowing anything”, she answered relieved.
“I thought you were a normal girl so I couldn’t be stupider than you”, he answered defensively.
“But I’m a normal girl”, she said, “So what changed?”
“You’re different. You’re not from here, all the other girls I know are. So you’re kind of special”, he said blushing a little before opening his book to an Yloc picture to change conversation. He was feeling a bit uncomfortable.
“This is an Yloc”, he said happily.

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  1. Sweet! I liked his blush. Makes me want to know more about him. :)

  2. Interesting hook. I'd like to know more of your culture.