Friday, October 18, 2013

The Japanese Project:One more step toward literacy

One of the thing when you arrive in a country where you don't understand (speak) the language is that you become illiterate. Of course you can still read your own language but you are illiterate in the language of the country. This is what happened to me when I first arrive in Japan. Despite training myself, even now when I arrive in the book shelves in a store I just look at the book blankly while in my country I could grasp interesting titles in one look. As I tend to read a lot, I have to say that this became really frustrating so I'm going to try a little bit more, a little bit harder (easier ;) ).

I'm currently undertaking the Read More Or Die challenge with a goal of 200 pages read in the month of October and few days ago I finished to read my first novel in Japanese!! Yeah, Me.
I will start the 6 week challenge again on November 1st.
I don't understand everything, far from it. To be honest, I don't even know what I understand because I read without translating. When my boyfriend makes me translate it goes ok but I feel like it's breaking my learning. So I'm just reading and going trough enormous amount of stuff that I only partially get but I can feel the progress. 

Anyway, all that to introduce my new reading material. I was offered the all series of Read Or Die for white day last year. And what better than Read Or Die to learn to read. I wonder how great I will be at Japanese when I'm done reading all this. The more I read the more I feel really weird inside of my head a bit like nothing (everything) is making sense anymore. I know this mean progress as it's the same feeling I have when watching 20+ hours of drama in a row. It's the getting-fluent feeling, it's fun and I love it.

Read Or Die is the story of girls who use their sticky paper abilities to protect the world from geniuses back for the dead. No need to say, most of these girls read a lot. :)

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