Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Challenges

Hello everybody, sorry for the late post today, I forgot my wifi I home and then I did the laundry and well I was having a life like normal people for the day. 

Before telling you what challenges are coming up in October, let's see what will happen in September. 

The 6 week challenge didn't go so well but I'm back 40% through RTK 1 and music in Japanese almost all the time (I'm going through Stargate SG1). 
On the writing side, I have two main projects. 
I almost didn't edit anything and Vampire Heart's first draft didn't progress much, about 5k only. I finished Mich's Summer Mystery and nobody actually solved it. I also planned my novel for NaNoWriMo.
I added more amigurumis (cheaper ones) to my esty store but didn't get the novels there yet. I think I'm having a perfectionnist problem there. Nothing changes about the ebook version of Demon and Fairy and Attic Mirror either.

I'm taking more classes on coursera but I have been slacking on the homework only watching the videos.

October challenges

So now what is going to happen in October, first of all, the Read More or Die challenge is here. I'm intending to try 200 pages. I managed to read 100 pages on the half month challenge in August. 

The French blog will be revied, starting today. The last post had been in Mars and I stopped in the middle of the Toyama exploration. Now, I discover that I can spot a lot more typos when translating.

I will also try to have more of Vampire Heart's first draft done and some editing. I also have a new top secret project that you need to wait for few months.

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