Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day Hook 12: Attic Mirror

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We will continue with Attic Mirror. Today Hitomi is thinking that she is becoming crazy, she just heard some voice coming from inside the mirror apparently...

You’re not crazy, well otherwise we both are but I’m pretty sure I’m not and I’m pretty sure I’m awake too,” he said putting down his book to come closer. 

She turned to look at him again a bit confused. He was smiling nicely to her and she kind of liked that smile.

“Are you some kind of ghost?” she asked

“And are you some kind of spirit?” he answered laughing a little.

She was looking more and more confused and really didn’t know what to think of all that and he could see it. He was a bit confused too but didn’t want to let her know.

“Listen, I kind of think that it’s pretty cool, I mean to have you appear like that in my mirror. It had always been weird and reddish. I always thought something was wrong with it. But, if you’re feeling awkward, I’ll just put something on my mirror and leave you alone so that you can enjoy yours,” he said turning around to get a blue cover with strange animals drawn on it on his bed. “You’ll just have to knock at the mirror when you go away so that I can use mine again,” he said preparing himself to throw the cover on his side of the mirror.

He was looking a bit sad his cover in his hands and it made Hitomi calm down a little.

“Wait, wait, it’s just weird but I have seen weirder, I see weirder everyday actually,” she said thinking about how one of her brothers had become invisible earlier to make another one of them explode some bottles of paint.

“Really, you must have a very excited life,” the boy said, happy that she had decided to stay a bit.

“Not really, it’s more that things happen around me,” she said. She had always seen herself as the passive spectator for her siblings’ crazy life. 

They were always so full of energy that at time she felt like they were draining hers out of her body.
“I know the feeling, you look at them wishing for something extraordinary to be yours but it’s only happening to others,” the boy said smiling as if she was the extraordinary thing he had been waiting all along.

“Pretty much, I mostly have…” she started and hesitated. She wasn’t sure if it was too safe to share her thoughts with a complete stranger.

“The bad consequences,” he finished making her feel like he was maybe not that much of a stranger after all.
“Yeah,” she said and they laughed together.

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  1. such an interesting story. thanks for sharing this piece. :) ~ C.R.

  2. I always like stories with enchanted/magic mirrors -- good piece.

  3. Very nicely done. Only one very gentle crit: The boy's point of view where he doesn't want to let her know how he is feeling...leave that for another scene where he tells his POV.

    Very intriguing hook you have here. Does this set up a deeper connection between the two worlds?