Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mich’s Summer mystery: In flight

Hello wonderful people and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post.

Still no winner!!  Last time, The obscure professor made Mich sign some form to get her on a trip for somewhere mysterious.
And today we are going to discover where Mich is going.

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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Then it was time for shower. Mich was having some kind of problem with the mirror and she appears to be sucked inside it then she met the colorful inhabitants of this new side of the mirror and they were just mouths. She continued to explored the mirror world and met with some flower girls who didn't seem too happy that she had lost something, they pointed her to a group of rhinoceros attended to by a young boy who managed to get Mich to climb on the back of one of them. The rhinoceros knew everything and it took Mich straight to the tree and someone was waiting for her there. After some confusion between two people pretending to be the obscure professor Mich should follow, she finally picked one who took her out of the mirror. They arrive in UEC. Mich had some forms to sign, the obscure professor wants to send her on a trip that she doesn't know anything about. 

Mich’s Summer mystery: In flight

The obscure professor didn’t tell me much while we were going to get my flight. He seemed to be rushing through everything pulling on my purple box. I wondered where he hide so much strength. He is so little, I couldn’t see his muscles, he is too skinny. 
I struggled to follow him. My mind seemed filled with so much questions. I couldn’t forget the mirror, my memory of it blurred further with every step we took. I needed to remember. 

“Stop, stop! I need to go to the mirror now, I forgot something, I…” I told him hurrying to prevent more memories to be gone. 

 He just continued to go, wherever he intended to go, I didn’t know. I couldn’t continue with this confusion. I stopped looking everything so different while not so different either. I tried to remember I knew where we were, I knew the mirror could only be my mind joking. I needed some rest but we couldn’t spend time on it. He stopped noticing I didn’t follow, took my wrist with his free fingers, got me up. We were going. 

He left me in the bus, with my bus ticket, the box with my stuff. 
“Goodbye! Enjoy yourself! Come to us when rested!” 

I felt perplex. I looked through the window when the bus left with some sense of remembering something, something very tiny which I could see everywhere. The feeling didn’t stick to my mind long enough. I took the flight ticket “New York”. 
Yes, we worked on it for months. I took the oxygen inside of my lungs few times, closed my eyes. 
I could sleep before the flight. No more weird things. Only me, the ticket, the flight. There were no problems to get to my flight, no spinning, no weird colorful people, no rhinoceros. The flight seemed boring next to the mirror, I wrote it down, everything before it went further from my mind. I seemed like some weird story, which on one would believe. I didn’t believe them either. Did I sleep? Did the obscure professor woke me up before the flight? It seemed unlikely I remembered the shower, but the opposite seemed so weird. I needed to sleep now, before getting there, it would be some long flight. I didn’t feel in the mood to go through the movie or music list. I closed my notebook on my knees, closed my eyes, decided to sleep. I would be in New York soon enough. 


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this new part of the story. Any idea where Mich should go next?  Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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