Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hump Day Hook 8: Attic Mirror

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We are going back to the beginning of Attic Mirror, Hitomi and Grenadine arrived home and Grenadine ran up the stairs to avoid seeing Sedana. The problem is, there is a little trouble maker at home and he is up for some mischiefs.

I'm thinking of reediting Attic Mirror as I found some typos. Please let me know if you have any corrections that would be highly appreciated.
Give it back”, Theo yelled running down the stairs after a flying book.“I won’t, I won’t.” Yobi’s laughing voice said near the book.
“Gideon”, Mark called following Melody in tears holding the pieces of a broken figurine in her hand.
Yobi threw the book in his face giggling and rushing up the stairs making as much noise as possible.
“Outch”, Mark said stroking his forehead and calling again for Gideon as Theo took the torn book and started to call for Gideon too.
Hitomi took Melody on her knees.
“Stop calling him, he is with Sedana and Taika”, she said.
“But Danny made my fairy explode”, Melody said sniffing, “There were pieces everywhere.”
“I’m sure he didn’t mean to do it”, Hitomi said.
Danny still had problems with his telekinetic powers and each time he was concentrating a bit too much on something he generally ended up making it explode.
“Still, it needs to be fixed”, Mark said pushing Melody away from Hitomi to go look for Gideon.
“And I need him to fix the book, Yobi thorn it all apart, look”, Theo said, putting the book under Hitomi’s nose.
“No!” Someone cried upstairs “Grenadine, how many time did I tell you to close the door of the painting room when you’re done with it.”
Yobi ran down the stairs again, all laughing, holding two big bottles of red pain followed closely by Grenadine and Jayden.
“I’m gonna get you”, Theo said walking toward Yobi with an angry look.
“Did you find Gideon?” Danny said walking out from the kids’ room.
Yobi threw the bottles at Danny before running to hide behind the sofa and looking at him as the bottles explode making a very big noise and throwing paint at everything and everybody in the room.
“grrrr”, Hitomi said passing a hand in her sticky hair before laughing, “I always wanted to try turning my hair red.”
“Very funny”, Jayden said.
The little ones started to cry.
“I got paint in my eyes”, Theo cried.
“Well done, Danny, youhou, so artistic”, Yobi said clapping getting out of behind the sofa and escaping in the living-room.
“Gideon”, Jayden started to yell.
Grenadine was trying to help Melody with the pieces of her fairy now covered in paint but was only making things worse and the little girl was crying even more.
“Just you two go wash yourself “, Jayden said to Hitomi and Grenadine, “as you are old enough to and I’ll take care of the rest.”
He seemed passably angry. Grenadine started to protest about catching Yobi first but Gideon opened the door and entered followed by Sedana and Taika. She pushed Hitomi upstairs in a hurry.

“Do you think he saw me like this?” Grenadine asked when they arrived in the first floor.
“Of course not”, Hitomi said laughing.
“Oh my god, he did”, Grenadine said looking horrified.

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  1. An exploding fairy. Interesting. Wondering it it was real or a toy. Thanks for sharing. C.R.

  2. Always fun until someone gets hurt. Reminds me of my kids. Nice hook!