Monday, September 9, 2013

China: Qinghai Tour, Qutan Temple

After visiting the Ta'er Lamasery we took the bus once more on a scary mountain road. I would say not as scary as the Road to Machu Pichu but people were a bit scared by the proximity of the ravine without protective barriers. We went to the Qutan temple. The temple wasn't destroyed during the Chinese revolution because it is hidden in the mountain. Our guide justified the destruction of religious artifacts and buildings by telling that people don't need religion when building a country. The temple was a lot less packed with tourists than the lamasery, actually we were alone there. It seemed like a very peaceful sanctuary. We didn't have much time to do the tour and some buildings closed at 5pm which we discovered after they were closed. I was lucky to tour in them first but some people complained to have missed them while it could have been avoided. On the outside of the temple were hanged the Tibetan scarfs but otherwise this temple was a lot less colorful. On particularity of this temple is that it was build according to the plan of the forbidden city. One other particularity of this temple is a painted fresco representing the birth and life of the Buddha.

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