Thursday, September 5, 2013

China : Dunhuang, My Dreamland

The first social event organized by the conference was a Dance Drama:  Dunhuang, My Dreamland.

Drama Plot (Taken from the ICPEAC 2013 web site): Young painter Mogao proceeded to Dunhuang in pursuit of the highest realm of lofty thought in art. On his way to the desert he was wounded and his life was in danger. A passer-by heroine Yueya saved him. Not long after, they met again at Dunhuang and fell in love. The Great General, Yueya's father opposed their relationship and forced his daughter to choose a husband among the rich and famous men. Yueya decided to run away to seek her true love. They appointed to meet in the cave, but they were surrounded by the Great General's army. Amidst blood and fire, Yueya saved Mogao's life again, but she lost her life and turned into a spring. With great sorrow, Mogao used the spring water to embellish his pens and wrote a song of art-Dunhuang caves. The Mogao Grotto and the Yueya Spring are still left in Dunhuang.

Everything in this drama was impressive, the dancers, the music, the costumes and the emotions conveyed by the story. A lot of people bought books, CD and DVD at the end of the representation. I don't have more pictures because it was forbidden to take some. If you go to Lanzhou I recommend trying it, from home you can watch youtube videos or something.

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