Saturday, August 31, 2013

September challenge

Sorry for posting late today, I needed to read a little more than expected for my Read More Or Die challenge which finishes today and I managed to reach the 100 pages I had set as a goal for myself, mission accomplished!

Harajuku Kiss 
Now more about what will happen in September.

First I still have few weeks of 6 week challenge to go through. I intend to maximize my Japanese learning by going through RTK 1 to 3, I never finished RTK 2 and I think that I'm lacking a bit there.

On the writing side, I have two main projects. 
I'm intending to finish the first edit of Harajuku Kiss and to had another 50000 words to Vampire Heart's first draft. I can't put a final word count for Vampire Heart anymore because the story is taking me very far from what I had been expecting so I'll just write it until I can reach the end without thinking too much about how many more words I need. I also want to finish Mich's Summer Mystery by the end of the month so if you solved the mystery don't forget to send me your answers to get a chance to get a Demon and Fairy paperback.

 I decided to add more amigurumis (cheaper ones) and my novels as pdf to my esty store so they should arrive there before the end of the month if everything goes as planned. I also plan to have the ebook version of Demon and Fairy and Attic Mirror out by the end of the month and also I want to have them on smashword so that people can have a wider choice of format to read from.

I'm also going to take more classes on coursera some of them already started and I didn't have time to look at them so I might drop them off or learn without trying for the certificate and other are coming sometimes next month. My priority being to learn Japanese I'll only do those for fun. (Volcanic eruption, social psychology, animal behavior...)

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