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Mich’s summer mystery: The obscure professor.

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Hello wonderful people and welcome to a new Mich's Summer Mystery post.

Still no winner!!  Last time, Mich arrived at the tree and someone was hiding there. 
And today we are going to meet the obscure professor.

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After her weird awakening for lunch time, Mich met her mum in the Kitchen and she was very suspicious. Then it was time for shower. Mich was having some kind of problem with the mirror and she appears to be sucked inside it then she met the colorful inhabitants of this new side of the mirror and they were just mouths. She continued to explored the mirror world and met with some flower girls who didn't seem too happy that she had lost something, they pointed her to a group of rhinoceros attended to by a young boy who managed to get Mich to climb on the back of one of them. The rhinoceros knew everything and it took Mich straight to the tree and someone was waiting for her there

Mich’s summer mystery: The obscure professor. 

The clicking sound wouldn’t stop. The person in front of me hid himself under some sort of huge white bed sheet. I wouldn’t expected the obscure professor to look like this. I thought he would be more on the obscure side but he looked like some white ghost in terrible costume. But the rhinoceros took me to this tree, I stood where I should be. 

“I’m looking for the obscure professor,” I ventured. 

“I know, I know,” he invited me to follow him. 

Two doors stood behind the tree. They were little, too little for me to go through for sure. I didn’t know which one to choose. 

“Don’t go with him,” the voice behind me yelled. It sounded sinister. Like the obscure professor should sound. 

The ghostly person by my side seemed disturbed but not for long. We both turned to the other. His costume fit him well. He looks like old university professor for conferences. I took instinctively few steps to get closer to him. He still creeped me out though. 

“Get lost!” the ghost yelled, moving on the top of the ground like flying. 

“You tried to double cross me but it won’t work, the girl is coming with me,” the new comer spoke in very low tones. 

“I need to meet the obscure professor, I lost something, I don’t know where, or who took it, I need it."

 The ghost turned to me. 
 “I know little girl, I will help you.” His smile frightened me, I could see he lied openly. “Give me your…” 

He didn’t finish, the professor jumped between us with his wooden stick pointing to the ghost. 

“Mich, think deeply, you know me, just in our world my form is different,” he told me. 

The ghost tried to spin to get to me but the professor didn’t let him. 

“I’m not sure. I keep on forgetting things.” I felt extremely confused suddenly. 

“It’s fine, this world does it to you, but we will soon be out, just get the other side of my stick,” he pushed the ghost further from me. 

I didn’t know who to trust, it frightened me but I took the other side of his stick, pressing the wood between my finger, the muscle pounding in my chest once more, oxygen getting in my lungs. 

We were out. 

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this new part of the story. Any idea where Mich should go next?  Did you already solve the mystery? I don't think so but if you did just let me know!
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